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I Made It Myself!: Mud Cups, Pizza Puffs, and Over 100 Other Fun and Healthy Recipes for Kids to Make

Author: Sandra K. Nissenberg , Heather Nissenberg

ISBN13: 9780471347408

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 10.00
Pages: 144
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: december 1998

More than 100 recipes for fun! Kids know it?s more fun to eat foods they make themselves, and this book makes learning to cook a blast! Nine-year-old Heather Nissenberg and her mom put together this collection of tasty recipes that help kids make their own snacks and even family meals. Favorites include: Cake for Breakfast Purple Cow Sailing Tuna Boats Bug Bites Monkey Bread Mini Chicken Cheeseburgers With lots of fun food jokes, kitchen crafts, and tips for kitchen safety and healthy eating, kids will have a great time learning their way around the kitchen! Q. What do race car drivers eat for lunch? A. Fast food