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American Culinary Federation Guide to Competitions

Author: American Culinary Federation , Edward G. Leonard

ISBN13: 9780471723387

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: Ä30.00
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: oktober 2005

Endorsed by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and written by ACF and ACF Culinary Team USA member, Certified Master Chef Edward G. Leonard, American Culinary Federationís Guide to Culinary Competitions provides an exclusive glimpse into the world of culinary competitions. This essential text features a full-color insert of awe-inspiring competitive food displays and dozens of useful illustrations outlining plate and buffet presentation. It provides exceptional coverage of every step of competition, including practice and preparation, competition strategies, judging, the international arena, and much more. From key foundation recipes and scoring sheet samples to insights and hints from experienced judges, American Culinary Federationís Guide to Culinary Competitions is packed with the tools that professional chefs and culinary students need to make a grand showing at any competition, worldwide.