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Pillsbury Fix It Fast: Dinner Ready in 25 Minutes or Less

Author: Pillsbury Editors

ISBN13: 9780764588143

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 17.00
Pages: 192
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: september 2005

Feed your family fast?without feeding them fast food! Wouldn't you love to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family? Now you can! With Pillsbury Fix It Fast, you can serve easy dinners you feel good about and have the time to enjoy them with your family. Pillsbury Fix It Fast gives you 140 delicious recipes that only take a few steps to make?and they're all ready to eat in 25 minutes or less! From fresh and filling sandwiches and main dish salads to hot and hearty pastas, skillet dishes and soups, there are delicious choices for every day of the week. You'll love swift specialties like Pesto-Stuffed Tenderloins and Apple-Honey-Mustard Chicken as well as fast favorites like Sloppy Joe Confetti Tacos and Cheezy Pizza Soup. Plus, there are 20 menu suggestions that help you get a complete dinner on the table just when you need it?ASAP! Pillsbury Fix It Fast also gives you: Nearly 100 recipes ready in 20 minutes or less?including 33 Super-Fast recipes ready in 15 minutes or less! Quick Fix recipe shortcuts to speed the way from kitchen to table New Uses for Everyday Kitchen Items?great ideas for cooks on the go Tips for using ready-to-eat items like deli meats and bagged salads Timesaving ideas for prepping and cleanup For more great recipes visit