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Skim the Fat: A Practical & Up-to-Date Food Guide

Author: The American Dietetic Association

ISBN13: 9780471347033

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €8.00
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: juni 1995

The Definitive Book on Reducing Fat From the Experts The Country Turns to for Nutrition Advice. The American Dietetic Association, the largest and most prestigious organization of food and nutrition professionals in the world, has created the definitive guide for lowering fat in everything we eat—without sacrificing the taste—and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By decreasing your fat intake to 30 percent of calories or less, you can dramatically reduce not only your waistline, but also your chances of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer and other lifestyle related illnesses. This book will show you how. Skim the Fat dispels common myths and misconceptions about fat and cholesterol and offers up-to-date and valuable information, including: Guidelines for balancing food choices Why fat is a necessary nutrient Specific guidelines about how much and what type of fat to eat How to become a supermarket fat sleuth How to choose low-fat restaurant, ethnic, and fast foods Complete with a toll-free hotline number for answers to your nutrition questions, this clear and practical guide also offers simple and innovative low-fat cooking techniques, a fat IQ quiz, lean and luscious recipes, and tips for recipe makeovers. "Skim the Fat is the perfect ‘how-to’ guide for people who want to reduce fat without reducing taste. Useful tips, helpful hints and reliable information about the role of diet in overall health make this an important book for everyone concerned about their nutrition. Buy this book and let the food and nutrition experts help you cut the fat, not the fun! " —Doris Derelian, President, The American Dietetic Association