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Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development

Author: Howard R. Moskowitz , Jacqueline H. Beckley , Anna V. A. Resurreccion

ISBN13: 9780813816326

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €148.00
Pages: 358
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: juni 2006

Preface. Chapter 1. Emerging Corporate Knowledge Needs: How and Where Does Sensory Fit?. Chapter 2. Making Use of Existing Knowledge and Increasing Its Business Value – the Forgotten Productivity Tool. Chapter 3. Understanding Consumers' and Customers' Needs – the Growth Engine. Chapter 4. Innovation’s Friend: Integrated Market and Sensory Input for Food Product Design and Development. Chapter 5. A Process to Bring Consumer Mind-Sets into a Corporation. Chapter 6. Developing Relevant Product Concepts. Chapter 7. High-Level Product Assessment. Chapter 8. So What Can Sensory Do for Me (or for My Company)?. Chapter 9. What Types of Tests Do Sensory Researchers Do? And ... Why Do They Do Them?. Chapter 10. So What Are the Practical Considerations in Actually Running a Test? What Do I Need to Know? What Does the Rest of the Company Need to Know?. Chapter 11. Evolving Sensory Research. Index