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How to Prevent Food Poisoning: A Practical Guide to Safe Cooking, Eating, and Food Handling

Author: Elizabeth Scott , Paul Sockett

ISBN13: 9780471195764

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 12.00
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: juni 1998

All the information you need to protect yourself and your family From salmonella to deadly E.coli, from hepatitis-infected berries to mad cow disease, millions of people all over the world are getting sick from food they've eaten. How can you be sure the food you prepare for your family is safe? How can you protect yourself when eating out? What do you need to look out for? How to Prevent Food Poisoning gives you the facts, figures, and information you need to safeguard your family's health. From the many different causes and complications of food poisoning to workable guidelines that are practical and easy to follow, this unique guide gives you everything you need to select, prepare, and store food without risk or worry. Here are the right ways to: Be sure the food you're buying is safe Prevent food contamination in your home Transport and store food properly ? including leftovers Eat safely in restaurants Reduce germs in the kitchen.