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Introduction to Food Chemistry


ISBN10: 084931724X
ISBN13: 9780849317248

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $73.95
Pages: 272
Publish date: december 2004

Presents the latest theories and principles in food science in an accessible manner Provides highlighted keywords which lead to additional reading via the Internet Supplements each chapter with expected outcomes, key facts, and suggested reading lists Providing a thorough introduction to the core areas of food science specified by the Institute of Food Technologists, Introduction to Food Chemistry focuses on principles rather than commodities and balances facts with explanations. The text covers the major areas of food science, including food chemistry, food analysis and methods for quality assurance, nutrition, diet and health, food microbiology, food material science, biochemical changes in fresh foods, food enzymology, and food processing. Within each chapter, more complex ideas appear near the end. This provides beginning students and those new to the food industry with a complete spectrum of information, while assisting advanced students with specialized papers and research articles. This multi-level text presents a wealth of information in a clear and accessible style. It serves as an ideal introduction or supplementary textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in food science courses.