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Food Process Modeling and Control: Chemical Engineering Applications


ISBN10: 9056991426
ISBN13: 9789056991425

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 536
Publish date: september 1998

Fundamental techniques of mathematical modeling of processes essential to the food industry are explained in this text. Instead of concentrating on detailed theoretical analysis and mathematical derivations, important mathematical prerequisites are presented in summary tables. Readers' attention is focused on understanding modeling techniques, rather than the finer mathematical points. Topics covered include modeling of transport phenomena, kinetic processes, and food engineering operations. Statistical process analysis and quality control as applied to the food industry are also discussed. The book's main feature is the large number of worked examples presented throughout. Included are examples from almost every conceivable food process, most of which are based on real data given in the many references. Each example is followed by a clear, step- by-step worked solution.