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Industrial Organic Chemicals, 2nd Edition

Author: Harold A. Wittcoff , Bryan G. Reuben , Jeffery S. Plotkin

ISBN13: 9780471443858

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €120.30
Pages: 696
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: juli 2004

Broadly describes the essential topics of the organic chemicals industry In the past two decades, the organic chemicals industry has undergone unprecedented restructuring, complicated feedstock problems, and massive shifts of capacity to developing countries. In the developed world, specialty chemicals have gained increasing significance. Although the fundamentals of organic chemical and polymer production have remained largely constant, one needs to be aware of the economic, structural, and political changes in the industry in order to understand its current state. This much-expanded Second Edition of Industrial Organic Chemicals presents the various technologies and processes involved in the organic chemicals industry as an organized body of knowledge. It describes the chemistry of the seven basic building block chemicals and their derivatives, how they are manufactured, their economic importance, uses, and associated environmental issues. Also covered are two topics essential to an understanding of modern industrial chemistry-catalysis and polymer synthesis. Key additions to this Second Edition include discussion of: * Sustainability and ”green” chemistry * Dendrimers * Metallocenes * Chemicals in biotechnology * Specialty chemicals for pharmaceuticals, electronics, fire retardation, fuel additives, foods, and other uses * Economic, political, and social concepts for understanding future directions of the industry Industrial Organic Chemicals, Second Edition presents the chemistry of both large-scale and specialty products while taking into account important political, environmental, and economic considerations. It provides both a narrative account of the evolution of today's industry from the viewpoint of authors intimately involved with the changes, and an essential reference for chemists, chemical engineers, plastics engineers, petroleum engineers, managers, executives, and policy makers working in and with the organic chemical industry.