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Culinary Calculations: Simplified Math for Culinary Professionals

Author: Terri Jones

ISBN13: 9780471226260

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 30.00
Pages: 216
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: oktober 2003

Useful,applied coverage of mathematics for the food service industry In today's competitive food service industry, a strong command over the basics of mathematics is essential to the success of every business. Culinary Calculations covers the critical math concepts culinary and food service professionals need to increase the profitability of a food service establishment by accurately controlling food costs, portion sizes, and food waste. Focusing on math concepts and applications commonly used in the food service industry, this easy-to-understand book examines how to apply math principles in the back of the house, from the basics to more difficult concepts like costing, AP/EP, recipe conversion and costing, menu pricing, and inventory costs. Three useful appendices offer handy access to such useful information as tips for using a calculator, conversion tables, and common item yields. Formatted with plenty of room to work through exercises and problems at the end of each chapter, Culinary Calculations is a helpful and accessible tool for students.