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Hands-On Science Activities for Grades K-2

Author: Marvin N. Tolman, Ed.D.

ISBN13: 9780130113375

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €22.00
Pages: 263
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: januari 1970

This resource is one of three grade-level volumes in the Science Curriculum Activities Library, a unique instructional series for K-6 teachers that provides nearly 500 exciting hands-on investigations to teach students thinking and reasoning skills along with basic science concepts and facts. Each level volume in the series focuses on three major areas of science normally taught in grades K-6 and offers a store of stimulating earth, life, and physical science activities that can be used with virtually any science text. The activities follow the discovery/inquiry approach and encourage students to analyze, synthesize, and infer based on their own hands-on experiences. Book I Hands-On Science Activities for Grades K-2 provides 119 inquiry experiences, including investigations such as ”What is in Sea Water? (Water) ... ”How Well Can You See in the Dark?” (The Five Senses) ...and ”How Can You Make Large Sugar Crystals from Tiny Ones?” (Nature of Matter). Book II Hands-On Science Activities for Grades 3-4 provides 193 inquiry experiences such as ”How Can You Make Rain?” (Weather) ...”How Does the Skin Help Regulate Body Temperature?” (Body Systems) ...and ”Where Did the First Metal Magnet Come From?” (Magnetism). Book III Hands-On Science Activities for Grades 5-6 provides 187 investigations, including ”How Can You Make s Soda Straw Rocket?” (Above the earth) ...”How Can We Test Food for Protein?” (Health & Nutrition) ...and ”How Do Detectives Use Color to Solve Crimes?” (Light). All of these hands-on science investigations are complete and ready for use, including a title written in question form, a list of materials needed, step-by-step procedures to be carried out by the student, and special tips and background information for the teacher. Many activities also include illustrations to supplement the student procedures and special sections (”For Problem Solvers”) that encourage students toward independent investigation. And some activities are identified as appropriate to ”Take home and do with family and friends.” To help you quickly find the appropriate activities, each grade-level volume includes a Listing of Activities by Topic that lists topics and subtopics and identifies one or more activities in that volume that can be used to introduce or reinforce the particular concept. With the hands-on activities in this unique Library, no teacher need be a ”scientist” to conduct an effective and exciting science program! Moreover, the process skills emphasized in these experiences virtually assure students' increased insight and retention of content.