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Nutritional Concerns of Women, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849313376
ISBN13: 9780849313370

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $79.95
Pages: 536
Publish date: augustus 2003

Updates and expands a popular and critically praised resource Includes new research studies, formerly male-only, that now include female cohorts Covers every major area of women's nutrition Addresses nutrition and health interactions through the female life cycle Answers questions raised by today's growing interest and concern about women's health Women's health and nutrition concerns have moved to the forefront of research with the mandate by the National Institutes of Health to include women in formerly male-only studies assessing responses to diet and disease. This second edition of a popular and highly praised resource provides new research results that detail the prevalence of and different manifestations of diseases in women. With more contributions by leading authorities, Nutritional Concerns of Women, Second Edition updates the knowledge base of nutrition and health interactions unique to women through the life cycle. It includes new chapters on obesity, diabetes, thyroid diseases, and musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases. Additionally, it covers societal influences, nutrition in the adolescent female, menopause, and vegetarianism. This new, awaited edition also examines the roles that gender and culture play on nutrition. Equally useful to the dietitian, clinician, physician, researcher, student, or educated layman, this useful and practical book provides you with a wealth of information. Nutritional Concerns of Women, Second Edition facilitates nutrition recommendations for women and helps women integrate health issues and nutrition into guiding principles for everyday life.