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Lobel's Prime Time Grilling: Recipes and Tips from America's #1 Butchers, 2nd Edition

Author: Stanley Lobel , Leon Lobel , Evan Lobel , Mark Lobel , David Lobel

ISBN13: 9780471756828

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €24.00
Pages: 290
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: februari 2007

Praise for Prime Time ”There's no better place in the world for meat, conversation, and good old friendship.” —Whoopi Goldberg ”For generations, the Lobel brothers have been New York's preferred meat purveyors and trusted authorities to the carriage trade, with a staunch following among the city's top hosts, caterers, and chefs. Now, with the tell-all publication of Prime Time, the Lobels make it possible for any literate carnivore to reach master status at the grill, whether one is in the mood for the best of all classic burgers or more cosmopolitan main events such as Honey Mustard Chicken Kabobs. Fire up!” —Michael and Ariane Batterberry Founding Editors of Food Arts and Food & Wine magazines ”One of the best reasons I can think of for staying home is to cook myself a steak from Lobel's. The quality is always great. They are among the nicest institutions on the East Side, and it's fun to see a bunch of guys waving butcher knives at me every time I pass their window.” —Tony Roberts