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The Biological and Environmental Chemistry of Chromium

Author: Sidney A. Katz , H. Salem

ISBN13: 9780471185857

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 184.30
Pages: 214
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: augustus 1994

Regulatory compliance officers, public health officials and scientists will find that 'The Biological and Environmental Chemistry of Chromium' offers a comprehensive treatment of the benefits and hazards associated with chromium and its compounds. Drawn from earlier works and current research, this volume offers extensive descriptions of the environmental chemistry associated with exposure to chromium in air, water, and food and the biochemistry of chromium involved with its absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination as well as the toxicology and nutritional aspects of chromium chemistry. Special emphasis is placed on the influence of chemical speciation and effects like absorption, transportation, distribution, elimination and toxicity of chromium. Organized and indexed as a reference work on the nutritional benefits and the toxicological consequences of exposure to chromium and its compounds, food scientists, regulators clinical and environmental scientists and everyone involved with chromium and its compounds will find this up-to-date volume invaluable.