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Handbook of waste management and co-product recovery in food processing: Volume 1


ISBN10: 849391326
ISBN13: 9780849391323

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $279.95
Pages: 662
Publish date: juni 2007

Examines the optimization of manufacturing procedures to decrease waste Discusses how to reduce energy and water expenditure Explores methods to valorise refuse by co-product recovery With its distinguished editor and army of international contributors, Waste Management and Co-Product Recovery in Food Processing reviews the latest developments in this area. The book introduces the field, focussing on legislation and consumer interests, the principle drivers of waste management. It addresses the minimization of biowaste and the optimization of water and energy use. The book goes on to discuss key technologies for co-product separation and recovery and important issues to consider when recovering co-products. It offers examples of waste management and co-product exploitation and explores advanced techniques and state of the art technologies.