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Handbook of Prebiotics


ISBN10: 849381711
ISBN13: 9780849381713

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 504
Publish date: januari 2008

Offers a critical review of the scientific evidence from the past 10 years, since the concept of prebiotics was introduced Provides a comprehensive treatment of the field, form the role of prebiotics in carcinogenesis and other diseases, in infant nutrition, geriatric nutrition, to commercial use of prebiotics in food products Include chapters written by an international group of authors under the aegis of and internationally renowned scientist and pioneer Summarizing the role of prebiotics in health and disease, this book studies all major categories of prebiotics, highlighting the scientific evidence gathered over the past 10 years. It includes contributions from scientists actively involved in prebiotic research. They provide up-to-date, scientific information in the new and rapidly growing field. Both precise and comprehensive, this book fills a need as the first book devoted entirely to prebiotics. It covers all pertinent aspects involved in the prebiotics including metabolic pathways involved in prebiotics digestion, experimental data on human and animal trials, and nutritional facts about prebiotics for all age groups.