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Brewing: Science and Practice


ISBN10: 849325471
ISBN13: 9780849325472

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $339.95
Pages: 881
Publish date: oktober 2004

Provides a detailed account of all stages of the brewing process Discusses safety and quality issues including the chemical and physical properties of beer and beer microbiology Forms a valuable primary reference through a strong partnership of the science and the practicalities of production Brewing is one of the oldest and most complex technologies in food and beverage processing. Its success depends on blending a sound understanding of the science involved with an equally clear grasp of the practicalities of production. Brewing: Science and Practice provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to both aspects of the subject. After an initial overview of the brewing process, the book reviews malts, adjuncts, and enzymes. Chapters explain water, effluents, and wastes, detail the science and technology of mashing, including grist preparation, discuss hops and are followed by chapters on wort boiling, clarification, and aeration. Additional chapters present information on yeast biology, metabolism, and growth, fermentation, fermentation technologies, and beer maturation, and native African beers. After a discussion of brewhouses, the authors consider a number of safety and quality issues, including beer microbiology and the chemical and physical properties of beer, which contribute to qualities such as flavor. A final group of chapters cover packaging, storage, distribution, and the retail handling of beer. Based on the authors' unrivaled experience in the field, Brewing: Science and Practice will be a standard work for the industry.