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Chilled Foods: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849308569
ISBN13: 9780849308567

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $259.95
Pages: 480
Publish date: oktober 2000

Addresses the entire range of safety factors for chilled foods: preparation, processing, distribution, and retail sale Presents three new chapters on raw materials selection Discusses recent developments in legislation Covers the microbiological, chemical, physical, and biochemical aspects that influence the sensory acceptability of products Developments in the production, distribution, and retailing of food during the last 40 years have facilitated a major change in our lifestyle. Chilled foods represent a larger and increasing proportion of weekly purchases for home consumption as well as in institutional and service catering. Their safety and reliability are of utmost importance. With basic information on packaging, safe process design, and cleaning and disinfecting, Chilled Foods: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition addresses biological and nonbiological risks associated with chilled foods, addresses key quality issues in the food industry, and discusses raw materials selection. The first edition of Chilled Foods rapidly established itself as the standard work on the key quality issues in this dynamic sector in the food industry. This new edition has been substantially revised and expanded to provide you with a current, comprehensive guide to ensuring the integrity and safety of chilled foods.