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CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849338352
ISBN13: 9780849338359

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $94.95
Pages: 536
Publish date: februari 2005

Synthesizes terms from biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, and other related disciplines in a single volume Summarizes and illustrates key information of nutrition topics from Additives to Vitamins for easy reference Written by an international expert renowned for her discovery of one of the genes linked to non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitusConcise and accessible, the CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition, Second Edition is a convenient single source reference that defines the most commonly used terms in the nutritional sciences today. Following in the tradition of its popular predecessor, the CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition, Second Edition explains hundreds of terms commonly used in medicine, food science, metabolism, physiology, and nutrition. Thoroughly updated and expanded to reflect major advances over the past decade, this reference lists entries alphabetically and even cross-references them when multiple terms are used for the same definition. Each entry is followed either by a definition, paragraph, essay, composition, article, or feature article. Many of the more complex entries are supported with figures or tables. The text also includes two appendices, the first contains general information about meal planning and food selection, while the second provides a variety of metabolic maps that illustrate the pathways involved in major metabolic systems. What's New in the Second Edition: Provides many additional terms and includes notable revisions along with new information that facilitates data accessibility Presents listings of the many drugs used to manage nutrition-related conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity Includes web addresses that provide access to the extensive Table of Food Composition which is maintained by the USDA and the Dietary Reference Intakes and contains the most current recommendations for nutrient intakes