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Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts


ISBN10: 849327032
ISBN13: 9780849327032

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 224
Publish date: april 1996

First book ever to exhaustively define the ecological factors influencing the development of yeasts in food Provides simple, easy-to-understand methods for detecting, enumerating, and identifying foodborne yeasts Teaches technical and nontechnical personnel to analyze and solve food spoilage problems caused by yeasts Utilizes the most recent nomenclature for genera and species of foodborne yeasts, yet also includes older names for completeness and clarity Because yeasts are capable of growing in a wide range of foods, their metabolic activities can cause significant economic losses in the food industry. Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts is the first guide to tackle this important subject. This easy-to-understand book describes in detail the ecology and physiology of spoilage yeasts. It explores the influence of ecological factors on growth, metabolic activities, survival, and death of yeasts in food. It also provides techniques for enumeration and identification of commonly encountered yeasts. Building upon this foundation, Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts presents strategies for food preservation based on controlling or killing spoilage yeasts and highlights information useful for monitoring the effectiveness of processing and storage technologies. This book is of tremendous practical value for anyone working in the food industry or interested in the mycological dimension of food spoilage. Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts is a long-overdue, essential resource.