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Yeasts in Food


ISBN10: 849319269
ISBN13: 9780849319266

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 510
Publish date: mei 2003

Illustrates the significant roles of yeasts in food, brewing, wine and beverage industries Presents a comprehensive overview of the first genomic studies in understanding the effects of the preservation of food on the yeast transcriptome Emphasizes the differences between yeast populations of processed and non-processed foods, i.e. dairy-, fruit-, and meat-related products is described Maximising the benefits of yeast while minimising their detrimental effects requires a thorough understanding of their complex characteristics and how these can best be manipulated. This book describes the enormous range of yeasts together with methods for detection, identification, and analysis. It then discusses spoilage yeasts, methods of control, and stress responses to food preservation techniques. Against this background, the book looks at the role of yeasts in particular types of food. Each chapter describes the diversity of yeasts associated with each type of food, their beneficial and detrimental effects on food quality, methods of analysis and quality control.