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Managing Frozen Foods


ISBN10: 849308445
ISBN13: 9780849308444

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 304
Publish date: juli 2000

Describes why quality is a fundamental edge in the $65 billion frozen-food industry Written and designed to aid the professional food technologist and frozen food engineer Explores the past, present, and future of frozen foods Contains separate, detailed chapters discussing the intricacies of freezing vegetables, fish, poultry, and meat Outlines essentials of safe packaging and the resulting shelf life Concludes with chapter on future trends of the frozen food industry Based on work with more than 30 industrial and academic organizations, including Nestle, Unilever, and Danone, this book provides a unique overview of the entire supply chain. Noting the key quality factors at each stage of production, distribution and retail sales of frozen food, this book will demonstrate why quality is a fundamental advantage in this multi-billion dollar industry. Frozen Foods are no longer the step-child of the food industry. Bland basic staples have given way to a new line of items containing high-quality ingredients that not only are tasty, but nutritious, too. Managing Frozen Foods traces the roots of frozen food from Clarence Birdseye to the present and explains what made tonight's dinner reality - and what will make tomorrow's even more safe and delicious. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for technicians and engineers within the frozen food industry, as well as a useful reference for students of food science and technology.