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Pesticide, veterinary and other residues in food


ISBN10: 849325587
ISBN13: 9780849325588

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $309.95
Pages: 686
Publish date: augustus 2004

Covers ways of assessing the mutagenicity of chemicals in food Includes chapters on surveillance and detection methods for fungicides and herbicides Summarizes chemical residues in food Now more than ever, producing safe foods is of paramount importance for public safety. As the food industry strives to balance methods for efficient food production with overall safety, new research must be analyzed to quickly incorporate safe standards. A state-of-the-art reference, however, has not been available until now. Pesticides, Veterinary and other Residues in Food reviews the wealth of recent research on assessing and managing the risks from pesticide, veterinary, and other chemical residues in food. Beginning with an introductory chapter on the key issues in food toxicology, Part 1 covers the assessment and management of risks. Chapters cover genetic susceptibility, dietary carcinogens, good agricultural practice and HACCP systems, and targeted and rapid methods for analyzing residues in food. Part 2 looks at veterinary residues, covering their safety, toxicology, and detection. Part 3 examines pesticides. In the final part, chapters summarize a wide range of other chemical residues in food. David Watson is a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Biology, and his expertise and insight has made Pesticides, Veterinary and Other Residues in Food a standard reference for all those concerned with ensuring the safety of food.