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Ethanol and the Liver: Mechanisms and Management


ISBN10: 415275822
ISBN13: 9780415275828

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 724
Publish date: mei 2002

Focuses on various pathological lesions following chronic alcohol consumption Discusses the role of alcohol metabolism in the genesis of ALD Describes various mechanisms of ethanol-induced liver damage Highlights epidemiological data and diagnostic markers Explores the interaction between ALD and extrahepatic consequences Covers management of ALD, including pharmacological treatment, and the role of other factors such as nutrition and viral hepatitis on the outcome Distilling the available knowledge on ethanol-induced liver damage and directly complementing the available bio-medical literature, Ethanol and the Liver covers pathogenic and clinical aspects of alcoholic liver disease. Providing broader coverage of the subject than any available monograph, the editors and their panel of experts relate basic science to pathogenesis and treatment modalities and explore future developments. Coverage includes: Histopathology-fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis Ethanol metabolism and its consequences Mechanisms in the pathogenesis of ALD, including genetics, immunology, and insulin-like growth factors Extrahepatic effects of ALD and the role of alcohol in potentiating liver damage due to other etiologies Interaction of alcohol with viral hepatitis Epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment Management strategies, including transplantation The vast amount of knowledge and expertise gathered in this book make it an unparalleled resource.