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Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology


ISBN10: 849314364
ISBN13: 9780849314360

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 338
Publish date: maart 2002

Examines how biotechnology can improve the quality and productivity of fruit and vegetable cultivation Considers current commercial developments with the transgenic potato Explores consumer attitudes, consumer confidence, and risk assessment Lists references at the end of each chapter for further exploration Genetic modification is one of the most important and controversial issues facing the food industry today. Drawing on an international team of contributors, Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology explores its major impact on fruit and vegetable cultivation and subsequent food processing. The book begins with an analysis of the available tools and methods, from the selection and isolation of genes to safety issues such as the stability of transgenes. The contributors discuss the range of properties that have been the subject of genetic enhancement, including agronomic traits such as fruit quality and resistance to environmental stresses, as well as sensory properties such as color, flavor, processing functionality, and nutritional quality. In addition, the text also examines the use of molecular markers in plant breeding. The subsequent chapters consider how biotechnology can improve plant defense mechanisms and also extend the post-harvest life of fruit and vegetables. Thorough case studies illustrate the efforts involved and the positive effects resulting from genetic modification, and also offer insight into future applications. To complete their survey of this field, the authors explore the vital issues of consumer attitudes and risk assessment. Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology is an important contribution to a key area of debate, and is essential reading for everyone involved in the cultivation and processing of fruit and vegetables.