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Nutrients and Foods in AIDS


ISBN10: 084938561X
ISBN13: 9780849385612

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 256
Publish date: mei 1998

Provides a comprehensive scientific exploration of how nutritional and dietary changes affect the status of HIV infection Appraises alternative medicines in the treatment of HIV and AIDS Discusses the role of animal models in testing novel remedies Investigates unconventional dietary therapies used by HIV-positive and AIDS patients Lack of proper nutrition can severely impact the immune system, especially when it is already compromised. This book defines recent advances in understanding the nutritional deficiencies found in AIDS and HIV-positive patients. It explores the scientific knowledge of how nutritional and dietary changes and herbal medicines can benefit or potentially harm these patients. The text also discusses the negative effects of undernutrition that can lead to starvation, a potent immunosuppressant. Nutrients and Foods in AIDS is a much-needed scientific appraisal of current alternative strategies used in preventing or treating AIDS and its symptoms for improved quality of life.