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Sweet Gold volume 2 - Praline Marzipan Ice Cream

Author: Bernd Siefert

ISBN13: 9783875151053

Publisher: Matthaes Verlag GmbH

Price: €74.00
Pages: 280
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: januari 1970

People who think that they know all about chocolates should try those made by Bernd Siefert and will realise that his chocolates are exceptional. They look like small gems of pleasure, have a heavenly taste and make you want to have more. Marzipan is one of the most creative substances used in confectionery. Bernd Siefert gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to make small sculptures that can be used as the crowning glory for any gateau or provide exquisite side decorations to a buffet or simply sell well. Ice cream ? in the case of Bernd Siefert this simple word conjures up wonderful deserts with a great variety of creations. This 2nd book of the series is a perfect complement to the first one. Again his creations have the flair of a true master and are a must for confectioners and pastry chefs. Albert Adria, Chief Pastry Chef at El Bulli in Spain, comments on the 1st book of the series: ?An achievement only Bernd Siefert can accomplish ? no doubt an offering to all our senses.? four-colour photographs throughout, many step-by-step illustrations, high quality design, all texts in English and German. Erscheint im end of november 2007 Dieser Titel ist noch nicht erschienen. Bestellen Sie jetzt vor und Sie erhalten Ihr Exemplar pünktlich zum Erscheinungstermin.