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Fruit and Vegetable Quality: An Integrated View


ISBN10: 1566767857
ISBN13: 9781566767859

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 352
Publish date: april 2000

Presents options for improving postharvest handling to enhance quality Includes specific examples of product-based research Provides a model for integrating research efforts to improve quality Improved quality requires integration across business functions and scientific disciplines. Based on this premise, Fruit and Vegetable Quality: An Integrated View presents 15 unique perspectives on achieving greater quality and guidance for a more integrated approach to postharvest handling and fruit and vegetable research. Designed for anyone involved in the management, production, handling, distribution, or processing of fruits and vegetables, it provides concise descriptions of important issues, roadmaps to the literature in specific fields, assessments of current knowledge and research needs, and specific examples of product-based research. Your guide to the dynamic developments in integrating fruit and vegetable quality projects, Fruit and Vegetable Quality: An Integrated View also presents a range of options for achieving better coordination of research across scientific disciplines.