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Low-Calorie Foods Handbook


ISBN10: 824788125
ISBN13: 9780824788124

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $269.95
Pages: 608
Publish date: december 1993

This reference examines all aspects of low-calorie foods - including their history, technology, ingredients, governing regulations, position of the food market and future prospects - while addressing the medical and social rationale for their development.,Discussing the full range of processed foods that mimic existing foods, Low-Calorie Foods Handbook: provides a detailed understanding of the materials that make sugar and fat substitutes possible, such as artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, protein-based fat replacers, and noncaloric and low-calorie oils, offers examples of technical problems that must be solved to make low-calorie foods equal in taste, smell and texture to their normal counterparts, describes food marketing, nutrition education, recipe formulation, and the regulations that help consumers decide to use or avoid low-calorie foods, highlights the problem of obesity, changing dietary patterns, the role of low-fat diets and the effects of artificial sweeteners on sugar consumption, and explains current research on fat reduction in meats, and strategies used for replacing fat and sugar.,With the contributions of nearly 40 leading experts, Low-Calorie Foods Handbook is a guide for food scientists and technologists, food marketing specialists, managers and executives in the food industry, dieticians and nutritionists, primary care physicians, internists, cardiologists, and graduate-level and continuing-education students in food design, food and disease, and obesity courses.