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Phytates in Cereals and Legumes


ISBN10: 849361087
ISBN13: 9780849361081

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $239.95
Pages: 160
Publish date: september 1989

This timely publication brings together into a single volume an overview of the extensive published data on cereal and legume phytates. It presents important information regarding historical background, physiological functions, and uses. Biosynthesis and dephosphorylation, phytase enzyme, and methods for analysis are covered. Also included is invaluable information on occurrence, distribution, content, and dietary intake, and interactions with minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and enzymes. Digestion and bioavailability, nutritional consequences, and technologies for removal of phytates from cereals and legumes are discussed. There are numerous tables and illustrations included. This volume is indispensable for researchers and food scientists in phytate research and the technology/processing of cereals and legumes.