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Antioxidants and Disease Prevention


ISBN10: 849385091
ISBN13: 9780849385094

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 208
Publish date: maart 1997

Includes all major chronic diseases Guides healthcare providers in discussing these diseases with their patients Covers each topic in sufficient depth to be of use as background reviews Examines evidence based on laboratory, animal, and clinical studies Contains information useful for readers of various backgrounds, from students to researchers and clinicians The role of antioxidants and other nutritional agents in disease prevention is a widely discussed subject, attracting attention from professionals in all areas of medicine, from cancer to general health maintenance. This often-debated and rapidly evolving area of medicine could have important implications for how diseases are treated. This single-volume reference contains balanced coverage of possible effects of nutritional agents in major disease areas, including cancer, heart disease, immune dysfunction, and eye disease. It includes such nutrients as beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium. Clinicians, nutritionists, researchers, and students will find the information in Antioxidants and Disease Prevention not just interesting, but also directly applicable to their work. This is a valuable reference on an important subject that practicing physicians and health professionals will want on their bookshelves.