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Children's Party Cakes and Cookies

Author: Martha Day

ISBN10: 1844763838
ISBN13: 9781844763832

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 8.99
Pages: 96
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: april 2007

A superb collection of over 180 recipes suitable for every children's party, from cookies, bars and breads to buns, muffins and fabulous decorated cakes More than 180 glorious colour photographs, with each finished recipe beautifully illustrated to ensure perfect results every time Children will love the range of delicious party treats which range from familiar favourites such as Shortbread, Flapjacks and Chelsea Buns to more unusual variations, such as Carrot and Courgette Cake, Bilberry Teabread or Iced Paradise Cake Includes nutritional analysis of every recipe, as well as easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and cook's tips throughout From Chocolate Chip Cookies and Maple and Pecan Nut Brownies to Chocolate Fairy Cakes and Ladybird Cake, this comprehensive book contains stunning recipes that will make any children's party a sensational success.Covering all the traditional favourites, including Flapjacks, Chelsea Buns and One-stage Chocolate Sponge, as well as more unusual ideas such as Coconut Bread, Glazed Banana Spiced Loaf or Fruit Salad Cake, this compilation of more than 180 recipes is a must for anyone planning a children's outing, party, school event or any kind of celebration or festival.A clear and concise introduction outlines the basic principles behind successful baking, including the importance of accurately measuring ingredients, preheating the oven, advance preparation, careful timing and how to line tins, to guide both novice and experienced cook to the best possible results.Choosing what to make is made easy, with cakes and bakes grouped by type, including cookies and bars, breads, teabreads, buns and muffins, everyday cakes, and special occasion cakes. A section of basic recipes will help both novice and experienced cooks to create perfect iced cakes, with recipes for different types of icing as well as step-by-step techniques for creating Simple Piped Flowers, Chocolate Curls or Petal Paste.The step-by-step instructions for each recipe are accompanied by a beautiful colour photograph of the finished item to both inspire and guide, and cook's tips and variations encourage experimentation and ensure perfect results every time.