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The Jewish Traditions Cookbook

Author: Catherine Atkinson Marlena Spieler Trish Davies

ISBN10: 754815846
ISBN13: 9780754815846

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 24.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: april 2006

An extraordinary culinary encyclopedia with 400 recipes and 1500 photographs celebrating kosher and Jewish cooking through the ages, including the great cuisines that helped to influence and shape it, and embracing the fantastic foods and dishes it has in turn inspired Home-cooked fare, cold table specialities, deli delights and innovative fusion food from Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, the Indian Subcontinent, Israel and America A fascinating introduction explores the history of Jewish and Eastern European cooking and the many local adaptations and interpretations, followed by a full visual reference to all the key ingredients and to essential kosher and non-kosher cooking methods Recipes range from global favourites to lesser-known regional specialities, and feature a wide range of glorious hot and cold soups, hearty stews, spicy dips and snacks, festive finger foods, patties, roasts, noodles, kugels, salads, pancakes, bakes and strudels Clear step-by-step instructions guide the reader through every stage of preparation, and explain specific techniques such as sealing stuffed dumplings, rolling pastry cigars and marinating fish and vegetables Over 1500 colour photographs accompany all recipes and techniques, bringing the delights of centuries-old Yiddish and Eastern European favourites and modern Jewish classics to every kitchen A complete nutritional breakdown of every recipe is included so you can plan meals for every kind of diet The rich and varied history of the Jewish people is reflected in the glorious diversity of their food and cooking. This awe-inspiring volume takes you on a fascinating journey through the evolution of a cuisine that is inexorably linked to the history and geography of its people, and in particular to the culinary traditions of the Eastern European countries, undeniably the foundation of so many classic Jewish dishes today.This definitive illustrated guide includes recipes from the many European, Middle Eastern, North African and American countries rich in Jewish heritage, in particular the Eastern European countries of Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and the East Adriatic. An entralling introduction traces the evolution of this well-travelled fare, and presents a veritable tapestry of recipes derived from a tradition of food sharing, festivals and the resourceful use of simple, local ingredients. An easy-to-follow chapter on the essentials of kashrut and kosher cooking explains the significance of the different foods, and the appropriate ways to prepare and eat them. Many recipes are cross-cultural fusions, and the reader is often given the option of using non-traditional ingredients or trying out non-kosher alternatives. Over 400 recipes then offer an astonishing array of flavourful dishes: irresistible appetizers and dips, hearty soups and stews, meat, poultry and fish, breads, rice and grain dishes, gloriously rich pastries and sweet bakes. Create classics such as Chicken Kiev, Hungarian Goulash and Apple Strudel, sample Ashkenazi geflite fish, Libyan spicy pumpkin dip, lightly-spiced African specialities such as Moroccan grilled fish brochettes, and enjoy New York deli favourites such as the definitive coleslaw or whitefish salad with toasted bagels. Every recipe has been tested and adapted to suit the modern kitchen, and more than 1500 colour photographs ensure the book is both an inspiration to follow and easy to use. Brimming with flavour and variety, this is a cookbook that will inform, surprise and delight.