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500 Chili


ISBN13: 9780754818441

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: april 2008

500 scorching recipes from every hot and chilli-loving country in the world, from India and the Caribbean to Mexico, Thailand and South-east Asia - all shown in over 500 colour photographs All the rich diversity of chilli flavours in such classic hot recipes as Classic Mexican Tomato Salsa, Italian Hot Pepperoni Pizza, Cajun Blackened Fish and Moroccan Beef Tagine with Sweet Potatoes Chapters include scorching salsas, dips and extras, spicy soups, appetizers and snacks, fiery fish and shellfish, sizzling poultry and meat, vibrant vegetable and side dishes, and piquant salads An internationally sizzling spread of all the hottest traditional chilli dishes including Chilli Crabs, Thai Chicken and Chilli Soup, Caribbean Fish Steaks and Mexican Spicy Beef Tortilla Includes instructions for making your own sensationally hot salsas, curries, sambals and masalas Every recipe has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and complete nutritional information to help with special diets and healthy living Bring a flash of fire to your cooking with these 500 sizzling chilli recipes specially gathered together from all over the world to titillate your taste-buds. In this vibrant cookbook are to be found subtly spiced recipes as well as those that are excitingly red hot ? there are recipes for every palate, every occasion and every season of the year.The main recipe section contains all the popular chilli classics such as Red Chicken Curry, Louisiana Shellfish Gumbo and Shredded Beef with Chillies. Explore a new cuisine of exotic fiery flavours with new and contemporary dishes including Hot and Spicy Miso Broth, Sweet Rice with Hot Sour Chickpeas, and Caribbean Chilli Crab Cakes.Make the most of red, green, dried and every kind of chillies in this book divided into recipes for salsas, dips and extras, soups, appetizers and snacks, fish and shellfish, poultry, game and meat, vegetable and side dishes, and salads. With 500 colour photographs and tried-and-tested instructions, plus cook?s tips and variations supplying hot information throughout on the best in chilli cuisine, this is the essential cookbook and sourcebook for anyone wanting to discover exciting red hot, spicy food through cooking with chillies.