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The Food and Cooking of Mexico

Author: Jane Milton

ISBN10: 754815420
ISBN13: 9780754815426

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 9.99
Pages: 264
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: juni 2005

Over 150 classic Mexican recipes shown in more than 750 colour photographs A comprehensive introduction to every aspect of Mexican cooking, including its historical and geographical influences, its contemporary social background, and its worldwide popularity A visual guide to ingredients, preparation techniques and traditional recipes from every region of the country From simple salsas and soups to exquisite combinations and complex tastes, recipes include the instantly recognizable tacos, chimichangas and enchiladas together with exciting and less familiar dishes such as Prawns with Almond Sauce, Pork in Green Sauce with Cactus, Christmas Cookies, Pineapple Tequila and Champurrada Concise step-by-step instructions, with colourful photographic references, make each recipe clear and easy-to-follow, ensuring perfect finished results The food of Mexico comes from a vibrant and diverse tradition, with tastes and flavours that have been developed through a variety of geographical and historical influences. The country is huge, with extremes of climate and landscape that have helped shape a wide range of cooking techniques and styles. The history of Mexico has also helped to form its cuisine, with the ancient traditions of the Aztec people surviving alongside the influence of the Spanish invaders and, later, new ideas from the wider world.Whatever its differences, the unifying element of Mexican cooking is its central position in society. Producing ingredients, preparing food and eating together account for a large part of the day and this cookbook celebrates this. A fascinating introduction, peppered with facts about the history of Mexican culture and cuisine, offers information on all the ingredients used in authentic Mexican cooking.150 recipes then explore the diverse traditions of the cuisine, from piquant salsas and hot salty snacks, through main dishes of sizzling beef and fragrant fish, to colourful and exotic vegetable dishes and delicious desserts and drinks of all kinds, including intoxicating tequila cocktails and thick, foaming Mexican hot chocolate.Whether you are creating an authentic Mexican feast for the extended family, or a one-dish meal for two, the recipes in this book will bring an irresistible vibrancy and sense of drama into your kitchen. The recipes are attractive to serve and delicious to eat, but essentially simple to cook, with no great technical skill needed to reproduce the most exotic of dishes. With colourful photography throughout, this inspiring book is the essential guide to a fiery and flavourful cuisine.