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1001 Recipes for Every Occasion

Author: Martha Day

ISBN10: 754817563
ISBN13: 9780754817567

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: juli 2007

A fabulous collection of 1001 classic tried-and-trusted family recipes celebrating the best of world cuisine Includes soups, appetizers, fish and seafood, poultry and game, meat, vegetarian dishes, pasta, pizza, vegetables, salads, hot and cold desserts, breads and a stunning range of cakes and bakes There are easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion, from simple family suppers, smart dinner party ideas and summer salads to teatime treats, party cakes and sumptuous pastries and pies Choose from a wide range of tempting dishes, such as Thai-style Chicken Soup, Bruschetta with Goat's Cheese, Greek Lamb Pie, Lemon Cheesecake, Yogurt and Honey Muffins, and Chocolate Chestnut Roulade Each recipe is clearly described step-by-step with a glorious colour photograph of the finished dish to ensure perfect results every time At-a-glance nutritional notes provide a breakdown of fat, calories, fibre and cholesterol, and a special chapter on low-fat baking presents delicious healthy alternatives for guilt-free cookies and cakes Here is the ultimate collection of 1001 delicious everyday and special occasion recipes, suitable for every cook and every skill level. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful colour photograph to both inspire and guide, and the simple step-by-step instructions ensure that each recipe is easy to follow and success is guaranteed.Choosing is made easy with the recipes grouped into chapters by type, course, or occasion. Children and adults alike will love the range of divine delicacies, and whether you are planning a hearty family meal, an elegant dinner party, a children's birthday party or a special treat, there is a mouth-watering recipe suitable for every occasion.There are ideas for stunning soups and appetizers, simple salads and side dishes, vegetarian choices, meat, poultry and game dishes, divine desserts, and a wide range of cakes, cookies, pastries, bakes, teabreads, tarts and scones. The recipes include classic family favourites, such as Cottage Pie, Coronation Chicken, and Black Forest Gateau, as well as familiar dishes from around the world, such as Coq au Vin, Pasta Carbonara, and Boston Banoffee Pie. There is also a section on low-fat baking, covering delicious adaptations for healthy bars, buns, cakes and teabreads.Invaluable cook's tips and suggested variations are included, to encourage experimentation and to enable the reader to adapt recipes to suit their tastes and to improve their cooking techniques. Serving suggestions and storage advice are also provided, to ensure perfect results every time.Whatever your skill level or personal preference, this comprehensive cookbook is a must for every kitchen.