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Author: Becky Johnson

ISBN10: 1844762483
ISBN13: 9781844762484

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 8.99
Pages: 96
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: april 2006

60 exciting ways to use one of the world's most popular vegetarian ingredients Delicious tofu dishes for every meal and event, including tasty soups and appetizers, sensational salads and side dishes, hearty main meals and irresistible desserts Features recipes from every corner of the globe, with delicious Asian classics such as crispy Shanghai spring rolls, Sichuan beef and teriyaki soba noodles, as well as Western favourites such as vegitable and marinated tofu pasta, moussaka, and Mexican tortilla wraps Includes a wealth of information on tofu and other soybean products such as tempeh, as well as useful preparation and cooking techniques With more than 250 colour photographs, a fabulous picture of every finished dish, and easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions Tofu is an essential ingredient in modern living. Not only is it low in fat and high in protein - and thought to lower cholesterol - it is also delicious and incredibly versatile, complementing vegetables, meat, chicken and seafood.This fabulous book opens with an informative introduction to tofu and the many tofu-related products available today with invaluable tips on identifying types and their properties. As well as providing nutritional information, there is a comprehensive techniques section covering actually making your own tofu if you have time, preparing purchased types and cooking with tofu in every possible way.With over 60 easy-to-cook recipes in this collection, there is something for every occasion, from starters, main course and even desserts for midweek meals, to quick snacks and finger food, and delicious ideas on a larger scale for celebrations and special events. To start your meal, try minestrone soup with tofu, or go for something a little more unusual such as Thai tempeh cakes with sweet dipping sauce. Main meals include vegetarian dishes such as roasted vegetable and tofu pasta and Mexican tortilla wraps, as well as non-vegetarian options such as pork and tofu croquettes, and salmon fillets with a lemony tofu sauce. The final chapter includes tempting desserts, from tofu cheesecake to carrot cake. Each mouthwatering recipe comes with step-by-step instructions covering every technique and stage of the cooking process. A glorious colour picture of every finished dish ensures that you know exactly what you are aiming to make, and great results are achieved every time.