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Gender Differences in Metabolism: Practical and Nutritional Implications


ISBN10: 849381940
ISBN13: 9780849381942

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 368
Publish date: november 1998

oDiscusses gender differences with regard to exercise metabolism and how nutritional needs differ from male to female Provides baseline information on female metabolic rates and female response to drugs, nutrients, and physiology Considers the energy balance in high altitudes and whether females can perform better than males in that type environment Explores the protective effect of estrogen with regard to muscular damage Examines hormonal response and metabolism during exercise and endurance Includes information on Ergogenic Aids or performance-enhancing substances that may have different effects in males and females Gender Differences in Metabolism: Practical and Nutritional Implications is the first book to successfully integrate nutritional science, exercise physiology/medicine, and metabolism. This volume explores recent scientific evidence that male and female athletes exhibit different metabolic responses and, therefore, differ in their nutritional needs and advice. Anyone interested in good health, exercise, and nutrition will find this book a valuable resource.