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Fruit Quality and its Biological Basis


ISBN10: 849397812
ISBN13: 9780849397813

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 320
Publish date: december 2001

Explores prospects for the genetic control of fruit development, composition, and quality Clarifies the botanical nature of fleshy fruits, providing an international context Addresses important aspects of fruit quality as perceived by the consumer: texture and flavor Considers how various factors, including ethylene and artificial manipulation of temperature and atmosphere, influence fruit physiology after harvest Examines the adverse effects of mechanical damage and pathogen attack on fruit quality Fruit technology draws on biology and engineering to maintain quality during storage, distribution, and marketing. Fruit Quality and Its Biological Basis focuses on the biological processes that determine appearance, texture, taste, nutritional value, and flavor of fleshy fruits. It then presents ways by which these biological processes can be manipulated to maximize quality for the consumer. The book synthesizes our understanding of these procedures at the molecular level and the mode of action and limitations of current technology for postharvest handling of fruits.