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The New Encyclopedia of Wine

Author: Stuart Walton

ISBN10: 754816311
ISBN13: 9780754816317

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: januari 2006

Hundreds of questions are answered and tips given in this extensive volume that contains stunning photographs from around the world. It is a book of history and geography as much as it is a dinner-party guide - never before has a book been so evenly matched in quantity and quality.' Zara Friend in Latest 7 Magazine A globetrotting tour of the world's wine regions, from Bordeaux to Rioja, from The Lebanon to California, and from South Africa's Cape to Australia's Barossa Valley, including notes on the top vintages to look for Focuses on 12 major grape varieties from Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to Gewurtztraminer and Gamay, their aromas, flavours and characters Explores the principles of tasting wine - identifying dryness, sweetness, acidity, tannin, oak and fruit - plus how to create your own collection in a cellar, a guide to corkscrews and glasses, how to let wine breathe, and which foods go best with which wines Explains the conventions of bottle labelling, analysing features such as the name of the vineyard, the grape variety and style, alcohol content, vintage year and appellation controllee Features over 450 beautiful colour photographs of wineries and grape varieties, wine labels and hand-painted maps showing the principal wine regions of the world Fully revised and updated edition of a classic reference. 'Quite a rare find, in having the qualities of being both and entertaining read and a decent reference for wine enthusiasts, all explained in friendly layman's terms.' Wine & Spirit Magazine Written both for those who simply enjoy drinking wine and connoisseurs looking for a deeper knowledge of this exciting subject, Stuart Walton's The World Encyclopedia of Wine is a comprehensive, authoritative and accessible guide that will provide readers with the confidence and enthusiasm to explore the subject in depth for themselves. What does Grenache taste like? Where and what is Tokay? Is wine really made in Texas? The answers to these and hundreds more questions are within this engrossing volume.Country by country, and region by region, the author journeys around the world to drop in on familiar and lesser known producers. In the vineyards of France and Spain, find out more on the wines you have heard a lot about but perhaps have never tasted. In Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa, discover new producers you 01-05-never have heard of. Explore the well- and lesser-known winelands of Chile and Australia. The book studies the world's 12 major grape varieties, describing their aromas and flavours, and explaining why and how their character varies in different soils, in different climates and, not least, in different winemaking methods. Wines are placed in their historical context and the processes of making wine are clearly explained. All this is accompanied by vintage and producer recommendations, vivid colour photography and carefully illustrated maps offering a visual explanation of how the world of wine is developing day by day.Also included is a section of helpful hints and general knowledge, all aimed at enhancing your enjoyment of every glass of wine. There's practical advice on storing and serving wine, assured and exciting suggestions for choosing wines to serve with food and helpful tips on what glassware to buy.In this major updated edition of his classic reference on the fascinating world of wines and winemaking, Stuart Walton strips away just enough of the mystery surrounding wine to reveal its secrets, without losing any of its magic.