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The Food and Cooking of Spain, Africa and the Middle East

Author: Pepita Aris Josephine Bacon Jenni Fleetwood

ISBN10: 754816230
ISBN13: 9780754816232

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: maart 2006

Explore the fascinating flavours of Spanish, Middle Eastern and African cuisine, and discover over 300 traditional and regional specialities An authoritative introduction covers the traditions and ingredients of the regions, together with practical guidance on choosing, preparing and using the distinctive spices and ingredients Features enticing dishes for all palates and every occasion from fabulous tapas and mezze starters, spicy, sizzling meat stews and hot, tangy fish curries to a dazzling array of paellas, rice, vegetables and salads, and exotic sweetmeats and desserts Recipes include classic appetizers such as Salt Cod Fritters with Alioli, Fattoush and Borek, hearty flavoursome main courses like Cocido and Persian Lamb with Split Peas, and delicate sweets and pastries such as Crema Catalana and Baklava Over 1200 stunning colour photographs, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, informative cook's tips, and a nutritional breakdown for every recipe This colourful book brings together the authentic cooking styles of Spain, Africa and the Middle East in an incredible collection of more than 300 recipes. These vast regions are of course enormously diverse, but at the same time their dishes share many ingredients, culinary origins and influences. Recipes are gathered here from Spain, Morocco, Eygpt, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, Syria, The Lebanon and Turkey - revealing hidden classics and wonderful culinary treasures. The food and cooking of each region is explored, and there is a full-colour practical guide to the ingredients and the preparation techniques employed.All the archetypal dishes are featured, including the much-loved and appetizing Middle-Eastern mezze dishes such as Falafel and Houmus, slow-cooked Moroccan tagines and vibrant Spanish paellas, but also the less well-known exotic dishes such as Pinchitos Moruños from Spanish Andalucia, Joloff Chicken and Rice from West Africa, and Tanzanian Fish Curry. These diverse cuisines are united by their love of sweets: the blissful creamy puddings of Spain, the delectable flaky pastries of the Middle East with their fillings of honey and pistachio, and the mouth-watering fruit fritters of Africa are all here to be enjoyed.With dishes for every occasion, this is both an enthralling reference and a practical cookbook that brings the love of hospitality and enjoyment shared by these vibrant cultures to your own table. Containing over 1200 colour photographs, the easy-to-follow recipes, with step-by-step instructions, professional hints and tips, and a nutritional breakdown of each dish, make this not only a superb source of inspirational ideas but also a perfect instructional guide for both beginners and experienced cooks.