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Gingerbread Houses, Animals and Decorations

Author: Joanna Farrow

ISBN10: 754816923
ISBN13: 9780754816928

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 6.99
Pages: 64
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: september 2006

24 beautiful, traditional and innovative gingerbread projects which are easy to make and fun to decorate for both adults and children A glossary of techniques, simple recipes and step-by-step instructions make constructing gingerbread cottages and castles easy and fun Includes ideas and projects such as Christmas tree cookies, a gingerbread Noah's Ark complete with animals, a Hansel and Gretel cottage, steam train, fairy-tale castle, rocking horses and much much more Over 180 colour pictures, including photographs of every finished project and how-to photographs of every stage of design, complete this charming book, which is a must for cake decorators, craftspeople and children of all ages Gingerbread is deliciously tasty, fun and very versatile, there are light and dark gingerbreads, chocolate varieties and even gingerbread laden with fruits, nuts and candles, and all are employed in this wonderful book which is bursting with design and decorating ideas for Christmas and all-year celebrations.This highly original collection of gingerbread castles, animals, cottages and cakes can be created or adapted for Christmas, birthday parties and as gifts for children and adults. Making them is fun and satisfying, and giving and receiving them brings joy and excitement.Using only basic, traditional gingerbread recipes there are 24 wonderful projects to make, including Christmas tree cookies, a steam train, a rocking horse, a jewelled elephant and much more. Whether decorated with piped icing, gold leaf paint or festooned with tiny candies, the projects taste as delicious as they look. Using classic simple techniques, the projects are easy to construct and each stage is illustrated with step-by-step photographs. There are over 180 colour pictures and artworks in the book to make baking and decorating easy, and to show you exactly what you are aiming to achieve. These beautiful finished images of every project complete this charming cooking-and-craft book, it is a must for cake decorator's, craftspeople and children of all ages.