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Taste of the Mediterranean150 Mediterranean Recipes

Author: Jacqueline Clark Joanna Farrow

ISBN10: 1844764249
ISBN13: 9781844764242

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £8.99
Pages: 264
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: mei 2007

150 mouthwatering recipes from the Mediterranean, re-creating the flavours, aromas and colours of these sunny lands Every recipe is illustrated step-by-step, with a glorious picture of each finished dish: there are over 550 colour photographs in total A classic collection of authentic traditional dishes from the shores of Italy, Greece, France, Spain, North Africa and the Middle East Includes appetizers, soups, vegetable dishes, salads, fish and seafood, meat dishes, poultry dishes, grains, beans and breads, and desserts and pastries Informative introduction describes all the important ingredients - what they look like and how to prepare them Sweet and savoury dishes, traditional and innovative, including Crostini and Roasted Peppers from Italy, Moroccan Harira, Lebanese Spicy Chickpea and Eggplant Stew, Cassoulet from France, and Crema Catalana from Spain From France, Spain and Italy to Israel, past the islands of Greece, Malta and Cyprus, the diverse countries of the Mediterranean are united by a cuisine which makes full use of the sun-drenched fruits, vegetables and herbs from the land and the rich produce of the sea. 150 Mediterranean Recipes brings you the very best authentic traditional recipes from fifteen countries.Bread, garlic, oil and wine are the staple ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, thyme, chillies, basil, rosemary and saffron are popular flavourings throughout the region, appearing in both sweet and savoury dishes. All feature in the recipes of this evocative collection, which presents both traditional dishes, such as Bouillabaisse and Kleftiko, and new combinations, such as Grilled Vegetable Terrine, and Turkish Delight Ice Cream. The book is arranged in sections that cover appetizers, soups, vegetable dishes, salads, fish and seafood, meat dishes, poultry dishes, grains, pulses and breads, and desserts and pastries. Try Tapenade of Herb Aļoli with Summer Vegetables as a starter, make a substantial supper with Provencal Beef and Olive Daube, serve Sun-dried Tomato Bread with a light salad, such as Avocado, Orange and Almond Salad for lunch or end a special dinner with a flourish by serving Fig, Date and Almond Tart. All recipes are identified by country so that you can make a menu from one specific area or mix and match as you like. Every recipe is photographed in colour and there are step-by-step photographs of all the important stages. Whether in a simple salad or in a fabulous fish stew, this rich and varied collection of recipes will bring you the true taste of the Mediterranean.