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The Irish Kitchen

Author: Biddy White-Lennon Georgina Campbell

ISBN10: 1844762815
ISBN13: 9781844762811

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 9.99
Pages: 160
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: september 2006

Discover the essence of Irish cuisine with this collection of over 70 fabulous recipes Includes a comprehensive guide to Irish ingredients, featuring a full range of harvest fruits, fish and shellfish, meats and game and vegetables Chapters include Breakfasts, Soups and Appetizers, Fish and Shellfish, Meat, Poultry, Cakes and Desserts and Drinks, so you will find a dish for any occasion and everything to design complete menus Authentic and traditional dishes to try include Cheese and Guiness Fondue, Smoked Salmon with Warm Potato Cakes, Bacon Chops with Apple and Cider Sauce, and a comforting, classic Irish Stew Contains over 400 colour photographs, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, informative cook's tips and variations throughout, plus a nutritional breakdown for every recipe This beautifully photographed volume is the definitive guide to Irish food and cooking, bringing together the rich and varied ingredients, culinary customs and traditional recipes of Ireland. The book opens with a fascinating introduction to the history of Irish food and cooking and how the landscape and various events have shaped Irish cuisine. A comprehensive guide to the Irish kitchen then looks at the culinary specialities, including dairy products, breads and drinks, which are exported all over the world, as well as the everyday ingredients. The collection of over 70 authentic step-by-step dishes captures the delicious, home-cooked flavours of Irish cooking. The recipe sections include meat, poultry and game to fish and vegetables, and there are chapters on the breakfasts, soups, first courses, cakes and desserts, and drinks.There is a variety of traditional dishes including oatmeal pancakes with bacon, lamb and vegetable broth, Dublin lawyer, Irish stew, Michaelmas goose with apple stuffing, and beef and Guinness casserole, to apple pie and rich, fruity porter cake.The book also features more regional classics, like roast loin of boar with poitin-soaked prunes, corned beef with dumplings and cabbage, fraughan mousse, and Gaelic coffee.This is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in the traditions of this beautiful landscape and for those who wish to experience good wholesome food.