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Thai Cooking

Author: Judy Bastyra Becky Johnson

ISBN10: 1844762491
ISBN13: 9781844762491

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 9.99
Pages: 160
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: maart 2006

A delicious collection of over 75 classic and lesser known Thai recipes A fascinating and informative introduction to the history and traditions of Thai food - the cuisine, the culinary techniques and the special ingredients Learn about the five key flavours used in Thai cooking, the ingredients used to create them and how they are combined to obtain the subtle and delicious layers of flavour Includes a comprehensive range of appetizers and soups, meat, poultry, vegetable and fish dishes, fabulous rice and noodle ideas, and mouth-watering desserts Authentic recipes include chicken satay, cellophane noodle soup, red chicken curry with bamboo shoots, pork belly with five spices, snake beans with tofu, and coconut and lemongrass ice cream Get fantastic results every time with over 450 colour photographs, including easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a glorious picture of every finished dish From the busy streets of Bangkok to the lush jungle and palm fringed beaches of the Southern coastline, Thailand is a vibrant and varied country and with this exciting guide to Thai food and cooking you can explore the flavours of one of the world's most popular and exciting cuisines. The book includes an informative and easy to use reference section where you can learn about Thai history, traditions, culinary techniques and ingredients. Thai cooking is based on five key flavours, salty, sweet, sour, bitter and hot. In the reference section you can learn which ingredients are used to create these flavours and in the heart of the book you can discover how they're used to create subtle layers of flavour in over 75 authentic and delicious recipes. With a fabulous and exotic range of recipes you can try crisp fried crab claws, hot and sour prawn soup, sweet pumpkin and peanut curry, pork on lemon grass sticks, mangoes with sticky rice and much more. You'll find everything you need to create an entire Thai meal with chapters on snacks and soups, rice and noodle recipes, meat and vegetable main dishes and desserts. Featuring over 450 stunning photographs, the book brings to the page the vibrancy and colour of Thailand, and with each recipe clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs and a stunning image of the final dish you?re guaranteed to get delicious results every time!If you can't go to Thailand, bring Thailand to your kitchen with this fascinating guide to Thai cuisine. With stunning photography and easy-to-follow, delicious recipes it has never been so easy to cook real Thai food in your own kitchen.