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The Taste of Africa: The Undiscovered Food and Cooking of an Extraordinary Continent

Author: Josephine Bacon Rosamund Grant

ISBN10: 1844772807
ISBN13: 9781844762804

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 8.99
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: september 2006

A wonderful collection of 80 recipes from all over Africa, capturing the authentic flavours of a fascinating and undiscovered culinary tradition Includes recipes from Egypt, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, containing hidden classics and unveiling new treasures Contains an authoritative introduction that covers the geography, history and traditions of the continent and its cuisine, with advice on using the ingredients, spices and flavourings Enticing dishes for all palates and every occasion, from crispy fried appetizers, nourishing soups, sizzling meat dishes and spicy curries to an array of sustaining rice and vegetable dishes and exotic fruit desserts Recipes include authentic African dishes such as Yam Balls, Chicken Kdra, Cameroonian Suya, Nigerian Lobster Piri Piri, Tanzanian Fish Curry and Ghanian Prawn and Plantain Salad Illustrated with over 350 colour photos in total, including step-by-step photographs and finished shots for each dish Each recipe has a nutritional breakdown and there are useful cook's hints and tips throughout This book brings together a colourful and enticing collection of recipes from the vast undiscovered treasure that is African cuisine. This massive continent embraces many countries with diverse cultures and widely differing climates: these hugely divergent traditions and conditions create an enormous variety of cooking and eating habits and experiences - all of which are brought together here in a single remarkable volume. African cooks inherit their cooking traditions by word of mouth and then develop their skills by experimenting with available ingredients: the resulting creations are endlessly evolving but always firmly rooted in tradition. The cuisine is built around the staples of rice, yam and cassava, often combined with hot peppery stews, or with varieties and combinations of beans, lentils, vegetables, fish or meat.This book begins with an introduction to the history, geographical character, and social traditions of the continent, and also gives help and advice on using the staple ingredients, flavourings and spices and on equipment and techniques.The recipes that follow give a vibrant insight into the countries from which they come, with delicious, sustaining meals that will delight family and friends alike. Recipes include snacks such as fried plantain and yam balls, main dishes such as Joloff Chicken with Rice or Nigerian Meat Stew, and exotic side dishes such as Okra and Tomato Tagine and Egusi Spinach and Egg.The 80 easy-to-follow recipes are illustrated step-by-step, and there are over 350 photographs in total, including a glorious picture of every finished dish. This volume, packed with history, advice, instruction and inspiration, makes a superb practical guide and kitchen handbook for both beginners and experienced cooks - it is the only book you will need if you are interested in recreating the tastes of Africa in your own home.