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Texture in Food: Volume 1: Semi-Solid Foods


ISBN10: 849317606
ISBN13: 9780849317606

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 425
Publish date: juli 2003

Summarizes research on what influences texture Provides practical strategies for improving product quality Written by a distinguished editor and an international team of contributors Texture in Food: Volume 1: Semi-Solid Foods summarizes recent research on what influences texture in semi-solid foods and how it can be controlled to maximize product quality. The first part of the book reviews research on the structure of semi-solid foods and its influence on texture, covering emulsion rheology, the behavior of biopolymers, and developments in measurement. Part 2 considers key aspects of product development and enhancement, featuring chapters on engineering emulsions and gels, and the use of emulsifiers and hydrocolloids. The final section discusses improving the texture of particular products, with chapters on yogurt, spreads, ice cream, sauces and dressings.