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Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849373956
ISBN13: 9780849373954

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $79.95
Pages: 404
Publish date: maart 2007

Compiles various data on tomato plants and fruits previously scattered in the literature Discusses all aspects of the tomato plant, including elemental deficiencies and toxicity symptoms Covers the factors affecting fruit quality, particularly light, water, and air conditions Explores significant advances made in tomato plant culture, such as organic hydroponics Includes up-to-date procedures for pest management Contains a CD-ROM with a wealth of full-color illustrations, including those of tomato leaves, flowers, diseases, and growing systems While tomatoes continue to be one of the most widely grown plants, the production and distribution of tomato fruits have been changing worldwide. Smaller, flavorful tomatoes are becoming more popular than beefsteak tomatoes, greenhouse-grown tomatoes have entered the marketplace, and home gardeners are using the Internet to obtain information for growing tomatoes. Encompassing these changes, Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden, Second Edition clearly presents the characteristics, nutritional information, environmental requirements, and production aspects of tomato plants and fruits. Authored by one of the foremost experts in hydroponics, the book outlines the history of the tomato plant and fruit and delves into the author's personal experiences with tomato plant cultivation. It discusses the characteristics and composition of the plant as well as seedling and seed production. The author elucidates the physical features of the fruit and the mineral nutrition of the plant. He also examines the physical and chemical characteristics of soils most desirable for plant growth, makes fertilizer recommendations, and explores the factors involved in greenhouse tomato production. In addition, the book looks at ways to identify and control plant diseases and insect pests. With scientific data, trivia, and troubleshooting advice, this technical yet accessible book enables scientists, commercial growers, and home gardeners to cultivate a successful crop of tomatoes.