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Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation: A Clinical Guide


ISBN10: 849318033
ISBN13: 9780849318030

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 424
Publish date: oktober 2004

Presents authoritative information about the dynamic area of intestinal rehabilitation Discusses the treatment options of parenteral support, intestinal rehabilitation, and surgical procedures Brings together an international panel of authorities in the field Offers clinically based information supported by scientific evidence Parenteral nutrition is the standard of care for patients who are unable to maintain nutritional status via the gastrointestinal tract. New techniques in this therapy are giving patients with intestinal failure the time they need to achieve maximal intestinal rehabilitation and return to a more normal and productive life. Edited and written by an international group of experts in the field, Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation: A Clinical Guide presents the most current information regarding the prevention, diagnosis, care, and management of patients with intestinal failure. Organized in a logical manner, the book opens with a review of the basic principles and concepts, and progresses into discussions on diagnostic evaluation using a variety of techniques, and treatment plan formulation. The next section addresses dietary modifications, medical management, the use of trophic substances, enteral and parenteral nutrition, surgery, and transplantation. Following a discussion of special considerations, such as pediatrics and enterostomaltherapy, the text concludes with outcomes and future directions for research. This volume is devoted solely to intestinal failure and all of the information is supported by evidence-based medicine. It greatly enhances understanding of this area and aids in the care and rehabilitation of individuals with intestinal insufficiency.