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Illicium, Pimpinella and Foeniculum


ISBN10: 70624564
ISBN13: 9780415322461

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 248
Publish date: juni 2004

Provides extensive references to guide you to more detailed information Includes the morphological identification data for 16 species of Illicium Delivers a general introduction into Pimpinella and Illicium, including pharmacopoeial monographs, contraindications, and legal recognition Discusses therapeutic and pharmacological properties, economic importance, market value, and future trends Illicium, Pimpinella and Foeniculum surveys these plants from botanical, ecological, phytochemical, pharmacological, and therapeutic perspectives. It provides an introduction that details characteristics such as traditional uses and preparations, licensed products, remedies and supplements, safety, toxicology, adulterants, and deodorizing properties. It continues with a study of plant sources of Illicium and Pimpinella, including taxonomic history, nomenclature, and phylogenetic relationships. The volume then addresses the chemical constituents of Illicium and Pimpinella, followed with an examination of cultivation and plant raw material. Subjects covered in this section include methods of cultivation, country of origin, plant-line selection, pests, diseases and their control, harvesting methods, drying and storage conditions, and yield. The book then proceeds to explain therapeutic and pharmacological properties, as well as toxic components of I. anisatum, and anisatin action mechanisms. Following extensive monographs and formulations of Pimpinella, Illicium, and Foeniculum, the text concludes with an overview of Foeniculum plant sources, chemical constituents, diseases and pests, and therapeutic and pharmacological properties.